Adult Karate

Our Adult Karate Program is designed to motivate and challenge students who are looking to develop both physically and mentally. Training for adults at Edge Martial Arts offers students a unique opportunity to get in shape and maintain an effective fitness regimen, while also learning proven self-defense skills that improve self confidence and personal awareness. No previous experience is required, and adults of all ages and levels of fitness can benefit tremendously from karate training. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that adults not only learn quickly, but also retain what they have learned, and that each student is able to progress according to her or his ability.

Students quickly discover that the physical benefits of training are equally matched by powerful mental advantages. The indomitable spirit of a committed martial arts student pays huge dividends in the business world, and professionals from countless backgrounds recognize that strengthening their focus and perseverance gives them a competitive edge in the workplace.

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Training builds strength, stamina, and flexibility, burns calories, and can get in the best shape of your life.


Karate sharpens your focus and memory, relieves stress, and builds confidence. And who couldn’t use a little more of that in their lives?


Traditional karate is a system of self-defense, and teaches self-protection skills that really work — and gives you the tools to avoid those dangerous situations all together.


Karate is a lifelong pursuit, practiced all over the world by adults well into their sixties, seventies, and eighties. It’s never too late to get started.



Frequently Asked Questions

I have a previous injury, or feel out of shape. Will I be able to keep up in a karate class?

Yes! Karate is an individual pursuit, not a team sport, and our instructors gear classes toward each student’s needs and abilities. Most previous injuries can be accommodated and worked around, but it’s always best to check in with your doctor before starting any athletic program.

My schedule is very busy between work and family obligations. Will I be able to retain the information we learn in class if I don’t have much free time to practice?

We hear this question a lot! Like learning anything new, the more time you’re able to devote to it, the faster you’ll master the material. But our classes are designed to review and reinforce the material, so you can enjoy your training just by attending class.

I’d like to be able to protect myself and my family if I ever need to. Is karate a good system of self-defense?

Absolutely. Like any martial art, karate’s benefits include improving your physical health (like your strength, stamina, and flexibility) to your mental well-being (relieving stress, improving focus and memory, and building confidence). But first and foremost, traditional karate is designed to be an incredibly effective method of civilian self-defense, and the skills covered in class will make you better prepared to protect yourself — and others — if you ever need to.

Do I have to train in classes with children?

Nope! We have two classes each week open only to teen and adult students. For parents and caregivers who might want to train alongside their child(ren), that option is available — please speak to one of our instructors to learn more.


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Take advantage of our

Two-Week Trial Offer!

Only $49 for two weeks of unlimited classes
and a FREE karate uniform and belt!