Teen Karate

Our Teen Karate Program, for teens ages 14-18, is designed to motivate and challenge students who are looking to develop both physically and mentally. Training for teens at Edge Martial Arts offers students a unique opportunity to get in shape and sharpen mental focus and discipline, while also learning proven self-defense skills that heighten self confidence and personal awareness. 

No previous experience is required, and teens of all ages and levels of fitness can benefit tremendously from karate training. Our teenage students find that being surrounded by other teens with positive values and adults with real life experience greatly enhances their learning of how focus, respect, and self-discipline give them a huge advantage in life. With the intense competition for college acceptance and the best jobs just around the corner, teens in our program are well prepared to take on the challenge — and we’re proud of our young adult alumni who have gone on to top-tier colleges and successful careers.

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Karate builds strength, flexibility, and stamina — crucial for developing bodies.


The focus, discipline, and confidence that karate instills translates directly into academic success.


Students learn the value of self-motivated work: instruction in class must be followed up with at-home practice in order to truly learn and improve.


Traditional karate is a system of self-defense, and teaches self-protection skills that really work — and gives teens the tools to avoid risky situations all together.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does karate improve focus and discipline?

In every minute of the class, students are challenged to improve their focus – whether focusing on what the instructor is saying or demonstrating, focusing on their movement or timing on a technique, or focusing on what their training partner is doing. Because karate is both a physical and mental exercise, distractions are naturally eliminated, and students are able to build the habit of better focus. This improved focus makes a measurable difference in their academic performance.

Does karate help with leadership and teamwork skills?

Absolutely! Karate is an individual activity, but training often takes place in small groups or with a partner. Working collaboratively, communicating with a partner, and learning to take the initiative during self-motivated work are all important parts of karate training. As students progress through the belt ranks, they have the opportunity to provide leadership in class as well, by demonstrating techniques to the group, setting the example through their actions and behavior, and helping newer students learn their basics.

My teen has had issues with bullying at school. Can karate help?

Yes. First and foremost, karate training builds tremendous confidence, strengthens self-image, and improves social skills. We find that this alone often has a marked effect on the lives of children and teens who are victims of bullying or anti-social behavior from their peers. Our instructors have helped hundreds of kids navigate tough bullying situations at school, providing advice and tactics to avoid, de-escalate, or otherwise address the issue. And in a situation where it becomes absolutely necessary, karate provides students with the physical tools to protect themselves.

Do teen students need to train in the same classes with adults?

No! Any of our teen (or adult) students are welcome in rank-specific classes (for new students, that would be any of our White Belt classes). However, we understand that most teens don’t enjoy training as much when they’re in class with some of our younger students, and so the Teen & Adult classes are an opportunity for high school age students to train in a different setting.


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Take advantage of our

Two-Week Trial Offer!

Only $49 for two weeks of unlimited classes
and a FREE karate uniform and belt!