Tiny Tigers

Our Tiny Tigers Karate Program caters to children ages 3-5 and is the perfect martial arts program for preschoolers! Through an introduction to karate basics, students begin developing gross motor skills, core strength, balance, and coordination.  At the same time, they learn focus, respect, discipline, and teamwork in a structured, fun and game-centric learning environment.

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Students learn how to listen respectfully to others.


Our students learn the value of discipline, persistence, as they pursue clearly-defined goals.


Martial arts instruction teaches kids how to accept defeat and learn from their mistakes.


Martial arts helps kids build core strength, balance, and physical coordination.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will studying martial arts teach my child how to interact with other children, and how to use teamwork skills?

Yes! In classes we are always working in large or small groups, and learning how to speak to and interact with others in a way that is polite and constructive.  We play games that require teamwork skills to achieve goals, and rely on communication to complete tasks. While rewards are earned based on individual performance, we still incorporate teamwork in our classes.

Will your classes teach my child how to be persistent?

We hear this question a lot! Persistence is a big part of martial arts. Students are taught new skills, then are told to go home and practice them.  They are not awarded a stripe or a belt until they have shown that they have studied the skill. If they do not perform well the first time, they are told to try again during the next class.  We may study a single skill for weeks, or even months.

How do your classes help improve focus?

The first skill we discuss is focus.  We talk about how difficult it is to focus for long periods of time, but we achieve good things when we are focused. At ages 3, 4, and 5, students are at their most inquisitive, and it can be difficult for them to remain on task, so we implement a reward system. If you use your focus skills, you earn a stripe. At those ages, students are motivated by little rewards and accomplishments, so we are sure to create an environment that allows them to be successful, and adjust our expectations according to their ages..  If they complete the class successfully, they are rewarded, and they understand that if they continue to use their focus and behave respectfully, they will continue to earn stripes.

My child is in physical and occupational therapy to improve gross and fine motor skills. Are your classes a good fit for my child?

Yes! We pride ourselves on taking students of all abilities, and on our competence with students that have some difficulty with gross or fine motor functions at any age.  At ages 3, 4, and 5, we focus on enhancing coordination, balance, and fitness through exercise, stretching, and challenges requiring them to use these skills.  We focus on improving strength and general physical fitness in every class, and parents often see vast improvements after a few months of classes.


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Take advantage of our

Two-Week Trial Offer!

Only $49 for two weeks of unlimited classes
and a FREE karate uniform and belt!