Sensei Caroleann Radoman began her study of karate in 1997 and earned her black belt in 2005. She holds the rank of Yondan (fourth degree black belt) in goju-ryu.

Sensei Caroleann attended Fordham University and graduated in 2012 with a BS in General Science. She currently works full-time in medical laboratory sales. Sensei Caroleann enjoys encouraging her customers to think about their ultimate goals, and does the same with her students. She loves teaching young, beginner martial artists and helping them fall in love with karate and the many benefits it can add to their lives. The importance of goal setting, discipline, focus, and perseverance are all values she hopes to instill in her students.

As Director of Operations, Sensei Caroleann oversees all aspects of Edge Martial Arts, and hopes to run it as efficiently as possible. When she isn’t working or teaching her students, Sensei Caroleann enjoys spending time with her husband and family, traveling, and scuba diving.